You have worked all your life. You have accumulated assets; among them: 401k, 403b, IRA’s, other retirement plans, mutual funds, stocks, life insurance policies, and savings accounts. Some of these accounts the federal government allows us to invest pretax dollars in investments approved by your employer.

The IRS allows someone who is 59 ½ or older to request direct rollovers of a 401k to a traditional IRA prior to separation of service. They also allow a 72(t), which enables you to take money prior to age 59 ½ without penalty.

Also, as you approach that all important time – retirement – have you reviewed all the documents? Do you know if each part of your retirement portfolio is maximized for you best interest? Do you think you cannot afford long-term health care insurance?

At Retirement First, we will help you answer all of these questions. We will organize all your documents all of your documents into a leather portfolio, and prepare a concise presentation on how to utilize your assets so that you may enjoy a worry free retirement life.